How long will it take to get my doll?

Once you have paid for your doll the production starts within 24 hours. Your doll should be ready for shipping within 7-14 days and delivery normally takes 3-7 business days. Total time from ordering to receiving your doll is approximately 14-28 work days from placing your order to your doll been delivered. All packages will be delivered from warehouses in Los Angeles USA and factories in China.

Our in-stock sex dolls are produced in advance and directly shipped from our cooperation manufacturers to the warehouse in the US. The estimated time of delivery is 5-7 days. (Only for US address!)

What is made a Chaining Sex Doll of?

Chaining Sex Doll is made of high standard elastic property TPE(thermoplastic elastomers), which is safe, and has the highest tear resistance, but also environmentally friendly. the TPE is the best option since it is very soft and gentle and the most similar material to our skin. The skeleton inside is made of stainless steel.

✓ Realistic Oral, Vaginal and Anal Holes
✓ Ball-joint Metallic Skeleton Fully Articulated
✓ New Stainless Steel Skeleton with Swing Motion
✓ Discreet Packaging

Can I dress my doll in any type of clothing?

Yes, you can dress your doll in anything you like but we recommend avoiding thick clothing such as denim or boned items likecorsets if you are leaving the doll dressed. Tight or heavy clothing can leave an impression in the skin which will becomepermanent after a while. If you wish to put jeans on your doll we recommend putting pantyhose on it first so that the denimwill slide over the skin. Shirts that button, tie, snap or zip closed are easier to put on dolls than tops such as T-shirts orpullovers. When putting on a coat or parts of the clothes, if the clothes are too tight or it is inconvenient to dress the doll,it possible to remove the head before dressing.

Dust, Dirt, and Standard Cleaning

Dip the sponge or towel into the warm water and then use it to wipe the doll’s surface gently. If there is dirt or smears sticking to the surface, please wipe it with soapy water and do not dab it forcibly. When wiping the surface, please don’t use corrosive cleanser such as strong acid and alkali solution, powerful disinfection solution and detergent, etc. Soap, liquid laundry detergent, liquid shampoo, shower gel or mild detergent can be best for cleaning. After the surface is dry, put bath powder or talcum powder on the doll. The maintenance intervals differ according to the service status and storage environment. It is best to be at least once a month.

The lots of dust should be avoided because there are stickiness and static electricity on the doll’s surface which make it easy for the dust to stick to the surface. When the doll is placed, please make all efforts to prevent the dust from falling on it to avoid the inconvenience for cleansing.

Return and Exchange Questions

When you receive your sex doll, be sure to check the doll carefully to make sure it is in good condition. If you find any quality problem caused by non-human factors such as breakage, please take a good picture, don’t use it, and contact us at within 7 days. It has been confirmed that there is a quality problem with the product. We will return or replace the other doll.

Our customer service representatives will work with you to find the best solution for your situation by replacing the original item or providing a refund. It will charge a 50% restocking fee.we can’t refund it if you have used the doll.

We would love to hear from you.

Feel fee to contact us if you have any questions. We will get back to you ASAP.

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